Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review: Hollowland and Hollowmen by Amanda Hocking

HOLLOWLAND By Amanda Hocking
Hollows one

Goodreads Description:

"This is the way the world ends - not with a bang or a whimper, but with zombies breaking down the back door."

Nineteen-year-old Remy King is on a mission to get across the wasteland left of America, and nothing will stand in her way - not violent marauders, a spoiled rock star, or an army of flesh-eating zombies.

My Thoughts:

I loved it! I loved all the characters and Remy was awesome!

The world has been overtaken by zombies. When Remy's brother is taken from a safe place that was over-run by zombies, Remy does everything in her power to find him. She goes through an amazing journey with a friend, a lioness- Ripley, a rock star, and his friend Blue.

This was such a great read! OMG, I fell in love with all the charaters. Remy was awesome, and she would do anything for her little brother. She went through so much to find him! And Ripley the Lion- I just fell in love with her, she connects with Remy so well and helps them in their journey, shes great! And Lazlo was a little annoying, but I liked him. Blue was awesome, I loved his character.

I was amazed that I would love this book but Amanda Hocking is amazing! And I'm definitely going to be getting her other books, I want more of what she can offer.

I Rate This:

Five Beautiful Butterflies

HOLLOWMEN By Amanda Hocking
Hollows two

Goodreads Description:

the sequel to Hollowland....

After six months in the quarantine, Remy finds out things are much worse than she feared. Her plans to escape come with a heavy cost, and she realizes that zombies aren't the worst of her problems.

My Thoughts:

Awesome! I read it in one sitting, I just couldn't put it down. I got hooked from page one.

I loved Remy and her amazing new journey, new characters, and wild new plot. Great read, you won't be disappointed! The romance was like the first- unpredictable. I think that's what I loved most.

It has a "forest of hands and teeth" vibe to it (which I love). Actually, I think I like this one just a tad bit better for some reason. Maybe because it's still fresh in my head, I don't know. Also, Remy reminds me of Rose from Vampire Academy. She's always on a mission, letting nothing stop her from reaching here goal, selfless, protecting others, strong minded, and whoops zombie ass.

I loved it and would recommend definitely recommend it. And, you know what makes it even more awesome? It's on Amazon (kindle/ebook) for only $2.99! And... "I think" (don't hold it against me) that the first book-Hollowland - is also on Amazon (kindle/ebook) for free!

Check it out :)

I Rate This:

Four Beautiful Butterflies


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  2. Thanks for the well-written review. I'm definitely going to pick up this book. I love different reads that stand out from the norm.

  3. Grace- Thank you. I designed everything from scratch, I just love these colors ^.^ Oh- & I checked your blog out! It's awesome :) Now following.

    Courtney- It's definitely a great read. Her other books "The Trylle Trilogy" is awesome!

    Thanks y'all so much! I'm new to blogging- just started this month- and I wasn't sure if I was doing anything right :P I think I have alot to learn about blogging from seeing both of yours ;) Thanks for stopping by & Happy Holidays!