Monday, November 12, 2012

For The Love of YA & Beth Revis Giveaway!!

Do you love YA? Because I do. Let me tell you why:

I was never a reader. Actually, I hated reading in school or in general. My grandmother loved it and she would try to get me to read small books, but I never did- I really did not see why.

Until one day when my young life started getting hectic and stressful, I decided to give it a go. I was around 20 years old and just had my first child. I was bored out my mind with no cable, Internet, or phone. It was just me and my princess.

My first book that I really really read was A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb. I instantly fell in love! Not with the book but with the story, plot, and structure. I didn't have a car so I couldn't get more I was book-less for a few more years.

When I was about 23, my daughter was diagnosed with autism. My daughter was non-verbal and constantly screamed and threw tantrums all day. I knew it was not her fault that she was like that, and I did everything possible to get her help. I was always stressed and sleepless. Until I remembered the way that first book made me feel- all my stress went away... 

I decided to read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and instantly she won me over. My stress started melting with each page I read. I was able to attend to my daughters more, since I wasn't so stressed. I picked up all her books and decided she was my favorite author in the world. 

I started reading more and more and more of different genre. I found that any other type of books did not make me lose myself in my imagination as YA did. I decided only to read YA and some Adult fiction from now on. 

As the years past and I couldn't get out of YA I came to the conclusion that the reason I love Young Adult so much is because I didn't have a normal teenage life. I fell in love at 14 and had been living like a married person since then. I worked, went to school and had an apartment at 16. I never did what teenagers did- go to the movies, party, have fun. It was always school, work, pay bills, and do it again tomorrow. 

When I read YA, I tune into a different world that makes my creative imagination go beyond measure. For the time being, I am my own person with no problems. I don't even see words or pages, just my imagination unfolding before my eyes.  I can imagine doing the same experiences they are  doing when I was a young teenager and just lose myself in that world. It's most likely better than any other drug out there-it's a good addiction that feeds your soul and mind. 

Yep. That's why I love YA. It has not only helped me with stress, it has also shown me what my true passion is; a passion I didn't know existed. I LOVE reading YA now, more than I ever did before. Now I know what my grandmother was talking about when she tried to get me to read as a child--It's a passion worth living for and I am truly grateful for these amazing authors that showed me that passion. 

Most are listed in this giveaway and, yes, Beth Revis is one of them authors that I truly love! She has generously offered to give away a library of fifty books to one lucky winner. You can find out more information on the giveaway here:

Celebrate Books and Win a Library of Books!

P.S. Why do you love YA?

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