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Review: Energy-The Awakening by M.J. Schutte

Energy by MJ Schutte Review

Goodreads Description:
Book 1 of The Energy Chronicles 

Follow Brighton and Lilian through an action packed, fast paced adventure in the first book of the Energy Chronicles Trilogy as they discover their unique talents in the art of energy manipulation.

As teenagers, Brighton and Lilian live quiet, peaceful and uncomplicated lives in a remote mountain village called Four Mountains. Before they can explore their feelings for each other, a dark secret about Lilian’s past rips their world apart. Brighton finds himself fighting for the girl he loves as well as his own life while simultaneously discovering an even bigger secret about himself.

Brighton has to overcome great odds and even death itself if he is going to save himself and Lilian from the evil determined to destroy them.

My Review:                                                                                

I received this eBook on Energy's Facebook Page and I am so glad that I did. I fell in love with all the characters and the plot will take your breath away with all the suspense, romance, action, adventure and humor.

                                                 *May Contain Some Spoilers*

Brighton and Lily have been friends for as long as they can remember. They live in a small peaceful town called Four Mountains where everyone shares their food and lives in a normal society. As young teenagers, they soon start to dig deeper in their feeling and realize their friendship has blossomed into something else. When Lily’s past comes to find her and take her from the only place she knows, Brighton goes after her in order to bring back his best friend and in doing so he finds secrets about himself that he never knew existed.

He has powers that no other has seen—he can manipulate energy and feel the presence in anything that is living—humans, plants, etc. He also learns that others have powers also on the “other side” where no one goes. And that these people are using their power to rule, they are called the “Dark Ones” that drain energy from anything they touch with their black thread of smoke.

With his one and only parent dead and realizing that Lily is gone and never coming back, he settles with an older lady that provides his shelter. He takes all this pain and suffering into his work—working long and hard to rid of the sadness and emptiness his best friend left behind.

Soon enough, after about 6 years has past and he is an adult, he meets Lily again. Though their reunion is special and they fall in love, her present and the threat of his powers make Lily’s ”true” father, Seth, whom is the leader of the Dark Ones, want to destroy anything more powerful than him.

Will Brighton find the courage to fight for his true love? Will he give everything up for her or will he destroy the Dark Ones in order to gain peace in this world? If so, will the people make this world a more peaceful place? The answers will reveal in this action packed, suspenseful, page-turning adventure.

M.J. Schutte takes us on an unforgettable journey that will leave you wanting more. I found this book with so much suspense and action that I thought it would never end (which is a good thing ;)) It also left me in tears in some parts and in awe of the surprises that were hidden. I can easily see this book published as two books. I really loved this book and cannot wait to read Birth of a Wizard which is part two in the series.

The romance between these two is beautiful and protective.I loved that there was no love triangle—he (and she) already knew that there was no other love then themselves. So sweet :”)

And Velvet and Mischief won my heart over, you’ll see ;)

I would definitely recommend Energy to anyone who loves paranormal romance with lots of kick ass action and suspense.

Five Beautiful Butterflies *****

You can purchase this amazing read on Amazon for only $3.99!!!

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  1. I'm a fan of paranormal romance stories. Thanks for the review.